Need for Speed Heat! Review for PC

User Rating: 7.5
Need for Speed Heat! Review

Most game developers like EA have a feel about them that transcend the individual games and when you play them it just feels like theirs. Need for Speed Heat is just that a game that once you start playing you get the sense of exactly what you are playing with a hint of nostalgia. How does NFSH stack up with its predecessors? Here is our PC review.

Recently added to the need for speed line up is Heat. NFSH is a street racer style game set in Palm City. Just like previous games in the need for speed world you start off with a base car and must move up the ranks earning reputation and money to build up, customize and buy new cars. Sounds typical and you are very right. NFSH though seems like a rehash of everything we have played up until this point did, in fact, present itself very well. Right of the bat I choose the tried and true Nissan 180SX and started my battle to become the king of the roads. While this sounded like the perfect idea you have to balance more than just the upgrade turbo on your ride. With different road types and setups, you can customize your car for multiple scenarios ranging from Street – Off-Road.

Playing Need for Speed Heat immediately brought me back to my youth as I felt as if I was playing an updated version of Need for Speed Underground. The nostalgic moments from my past were merging with my present self and just embracing each and every moment. NFSH was one of the titles that while playing you can really see and feel how the developers reach back to its roots to bring a great addition to the need for speed family. I have enjoyed almost every title from underground to payback one could say this was an impressive release.

Need for Speed games has improved graphics over the years with better renders, more detailed environments and of course the physics of the game itself. I would not go as far as to say the graphics are photorealistic but they have most defiantly come along way. However, I would not compare NFSH to anything else but a need for speed game and that is to be fair to the game just like trying to compare a ford focus to a Ferrari would not be fair. There are plenty of games that focus on realism in their games and though for that game it’s perfectly fine sometimes a game is made with good graphics but more geared to playability and fun. Customization of your ride has been a big staple in racing games in the NFS Franchise and Heat was no exception. This time around players of a more in-depth range of options from Front bumper, Front Quarter panel, Side Skirt, Rear Quarter Panel, Rear Bumper, Fear diffuser, Front Diffuser, canards and more. This was the first time I’ve been able to customize the visual aspects of the rotors and brakes on my car.

The graphical styling of need for speed is just that, visually appealing and fun. The car models are accurate and well detailed, the ground effects (body kits) are a nice touch, with that said I swear we have still been using the same bumpers for NFSU2.  The environments are full of detail and have vastly improved as well. The physics, on the other hand, is need for speed physics. Launching your car from a ramp to destroy a billboard and land it and continue driving as nothing happened is most defiantly something that would happen in an NFS game vs a simulation racer.  The ability to drifting using power over technique instead of slamming on the brake is a nice touch and allows the player to get around the corners and tight ends much better.  The only issue in-game I came across that was a strange bug was one time I loaded the game to find everywhere had grass and greenery around. It was literally everywhere. Trees in the middle of the road and the handling even seem to be affected by this. This issue stayed around after many races and even switching from Day to Night. Ended up having to close the game completely and relaunch.

The Audio of the game was crafted well and everything from the music to the sound effects matched perfectly. I for one was not a super fan of the music, do not get me wrong it was fitting as it fit the genre. Just not my taste, I prefer a different set of music when I am playing racing games. This was easily solved by turning the music volume off and more or less enjoying the pure sounds of the game.

A PC review code was provided for the purpose of review.

Overall Need for Speed Heat was a fully enjoyable game with many features that help keep the game from getting stale or boring. With the ability to use Studio App to design cars on your mobile and import into the game, customizing your in-game character you can make adjustments for hours. I would highly recommend NFSH to anyone that loves a good street racer game that just wants to get a nice ride and have fun.
  • Good graphics
  • Easy controls
  • Wide selection of cars
  • Music may not fit everyone's taste

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