Neighbors Back From Hell Move In

FarbWorks and Handy Games have announced that Neighbors Back From Hell has been released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. Players can grab hold of the remastered game for $14.99. The updated version features Neighbors from Hell 1 and 2 all in one package featuring 25 episodes spanning a number of locations including the neighbor’s home, a cruise liner, and several holiday-themed locations around the world.

Players take on the role of Woody, “the vengeful star protagonist” and will spend time performing pranks on the neighbors. “Take the mischief from your nasty neighbor’s flat all the way to China, India, and Mexico where you will make sure his holiday is a living hell. While you’re at it, why limit targeting your antics at your neighbor, when you can involve his mother and fellow travelers? Whatever you decide to do, your trusty camera crew will be right there and keep a keen eye on all the action. You can let your crooked creativity flow freely and watch the neighbor rage in desperation. Just be mindful not to get caught by him or his companions, or they will whoop you good and your TV show will be taken off the air. If you perform well on the other hand, by creating more and more disarray and chaos in the neighbor’s life, ratings will increase, and you could win prestigious awards.”

The updated version of the original 2003 games includes full HD graphics, doubled framerates, updated interface and controls, a remastered soundtrack and much more.

Check out the Neighbors Back from Hell official site to learn more.

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