Nelly Cootaloot Brings The Fowl Fleet to Switch

Nelly Cootaloot

Nelly Cootaloot: The Fowl Fleet, Alasdair Beckett’s oddball British cartoon point and click, is coming to Nintendo Switch and it sounds quackers.

Sailing onto Nintendo’s mobile platform on 11 July, this eccentric tale has already cast out onto other systems and it is a collage of some weird British humor, oddball ideas, and satisfying puzzles. This merry mix gained a very positive critical reception when it made land on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Now Nelly Cootaloot: The Fowl Fleet is about the bring the villainous Barron Widebeard and his flock of hypnotized birds to a new audience.

Playing as Nelly, players make their way through this 2D point and click adventure as Nelly sails from the South Seas to the icy north and even further. As you journey across the world you’ll race the upper classes for fun and profit, fly an ancient airship, enter the squirely mind of a monkey wizard, and pilfer moonshine from a Viking. It might not make much sense to read here but this is all part of Nelly’s quirky charm. You can check out the trailer for this upcoming adventure below.

In order to port this title onto the Nintendo Switch, publisher Application Systems redesigned the control scheme to include both JoyCon and touch screen support, something that always seems easily overlooked by point and click adventures, as well as adding a brand new commentary track by developer Alasdair Beckett-King. If that wasn’t enough to get your sea legs on, Tom Baker also lends his voice to the crew of Nelly Cootaloot: The Fowl Fleet. TO find out more about Nelly, check out the Steam Store page and keep your eyes on the horizon to find out if we have a review when this cast off on 11 July on the Nintendo eShop.

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