Neo 2045 Launches A Kid Friendly MMORPG In Open Beta

Neo 2045 just launched into Open Beta today, brining a new realm of kid focused adventure to a brand-new MMORPG.

If you’re completely out of cash because the little uns have spent all your cash in Robolox then there’s a new way to keep their eyeballs from getting distracted as VR Realms announced the Open beta for a brand new MMO today, called Neo 20045. The futuristic sounding new adventure is something of an oddity among its older brethren. Rather than face giant dragons and heaving chain mail bodies, this free-to-play massive multiplayer online title is a vast galaxy full of sci-fi action, quests and inter-galactic oddities.

NEO 2045 is being launched as a sci-fi action MMO for all ages that spirals out into multiple player realms, focusing on different aspects of gameplay and featuring a ton of new mini games. Sounding similar to many other successful child friendly online theme parks, Neo 2045 mixes action like the Lazer Tag Arena, Robot Stadium, Avatar Sports Stadium, Comedy Club, Nightclub, Astro Training Center, Water Park and Arcade with more social aspects across a variety of backdrops. Intertwined with all this is the ability to build and create a unique player realm for friends to experience.

“As we are nearing launch, we are excited to open up NEO 2045 to players ahead of full launch so that we can make sure we are hitting our marks with our audience,” said Robb Beeston, CEO and Founder of VR Realms. “While we did make this game with kids first and foremost in mind, we also want to make sure it is fun for older players and parents so that everyone can play together in a safe, secure and fun environment that has something for everyone.”

This all sounds laudable, and we will have to wait and see how well this variety of content and questing pans out, and if the new NEO 2045 is as safe a play space as it purports to be. If you want to check out the ride before slinging the spawnlings into the action then the Open Beta is out now with the full game coming soon. Check out more at the official website now.

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