Neo: The World Ends With You Is Getting A Demo

Neo: The World Ends With You just dropped one last trailer for this upcoming RPG, and unveiled a Demo that will be released tomorrow.

After what seemed like an inadvertent leak by trigger happy Twitter fingers yesterday, we now know for certain that Square Enix is giving excited fans an early hands-on with Neo: The World Ends With You. Unveiled at the end of a final trailer, dropped just hours ago, the demo version of this hotly tipped title will land on the Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Store on 25 June 2021. This should unlock for players at 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT / 6PM BST and will provide gamers an opportunity to take to the streets, saving progress over into the full experience if they chose to go ahead and purchase.

This demo provides plenty of time for everybody to sits down and try out the streets of Tokyo, as the full game won’t go live until July 27 across both platforms. The hype surrounding this adventure from Square Enix might seem unusual, but fans of the 2007 DS original have been waiting for this follow up for some time. Neo: The World Ends With You is a direct sequel to The World Ends With You and returns to a very different Shibuya, Tokyo. With a brand new set of characters and a largely familiar looking concept, it will be up to players to guide a set of young miscreants out of Underground Shibuya, grow as individuals, and overcome some challenging obstacles.

The follow up refreshes the stylized look and slick soundtrack of the original, with the general buzz from insiders and previews being positive. While the final trailer gives us an early look at these new streets and combat styles, tomorrow’s demo should let us all know if Neo: The World Ends With You is going to be as cherished as the original.

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