Neon Chrome is coming to the Switch on October 12th

Back in 2016, 10Tons put out a slick twin-stick shooter called Neon Chrome (see the trailer below for the PS4 version). It won over fans of the genre and became a bit of a cult hit. Well, like all great indie games, it’s now officially coming to the Switch on October 12th. See the details below.

Neon Chrome PS4 Launch Trailer
From the 10Tons Neon Chrome press release:

”For the better part of the year, Neon Chrome has been our most fan-requested title for Nintendo Switch. I’m glad we now have a date it’ll finally happen. Ready your mirror shades!” says Tero Alatalo, CEO of 10tons Ltd.

A top-down twin-stick shooter with a science fiction setting. Each level is procedurally generated, meaning levels throughout the game will be unique to every play session. The game features intense gunfights, destructible environments, and light role-playing elements such as permanent statistics upgrades, better weapons, cybernetic enhancements and different character classes.


  • Shoot through walls, make rooms explode, and obliterate whole floors
  • Explore procedural levels with endless variety
  • Defeat bosses in hand-crafted boss fights
  • Unlock new abilities, enhancements, and weapons
  • Install enhancements and upgrade your weapons
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