Network Test Incoming For Code Vein

I’m barely out the door from our sneak peek at Code Vein and already there is more news surrounding Bandai Namco’s new RPG. If our preview caught your interest then you are in luck. Bandai Namco has announced a new network test for Code Vein.

The announcement dropped on Twitter yesterday and Bandai Namco is about to give consumers the opportunity to taste the dark dystopian world of the Revenant as they launch sign-ups for this upcoming network test. Designed to test a number of features and ensure online multiplayer doesn’t turn into its own apocalypse, the network tests will run on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. You will, of course, need a PSPlus or Xbox Gold subscription to access the network test. We’ve got no word about PC players quite yet. We don’t have an exact date on this information either, although rumors suggested that this might happen later this month.

The network test should give players an opportunity to get hands-on with much of the content we dove into in our own preview, including the character creator, the first dungeon area, a boss fight, and the game’s main hub area. We are also hoping that this will give players an option to call a friend for assistance during their experience, and sample the multiplayer experience.

While we could bore you with all the details, it is fair to say that Code Vein is a cross between Dark Souls and God Eater 3. You’ll crawl through a massive interconnected dungeon experience and take on huge anime bosses. With a ton of variety and an unforgiving attitude, we were hopeful after our taster session. If you are on the fence, check out our preview and then sign up for the Code Vein network test on the official website. Spots are limited so I best go sign up now.

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