Neverwinter – Dev Blog Introduces Players to The Infernal Citadel

Neverwinter - Dev Blog Introduces Players to The Infernal Citadel

Infernal Descent is the latest content update coming to Neverwinter on January 21st. With the release date approaching, the dev team has decided to welcome players to hell and reveal some of the details of the upcoming patch.

While traveling through the chaotic planes and hellish vistas of Avernus, players will get a chance to travel to one of the demonic citadels floating in the skies. Several of these citadels have captured the Vallenhas family Stronghold. Through might or luck, adventurers need to make their way into these citadels to break the chains, offering some respite for the cursed family.

Besieging a hellish keep is no easy task and players will be able to encounter groups of demons to ally with to distract and crush their foes – if you can trust a demon long enough that is.

Even if players survive all of the deadly critters, traps, chaos, and fire, they will be forced to face off with the massive Hellfire engine up close in the caged death arena the devils use to entertain themselves with the poor unfortunate souls they capture. But don’t worry, you won’t be intimidated by the skeletons of the previous arena victims, as they’ve all burned up in the magma bubbling just below the grated floor.

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