Neverwinter: Infernal Descent Is Live On Consoles

Neverwinter gets an update today as Perfect World Entertainment drops the latest adventure, Infernal Descent on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Although it is already available on PC, gamers who have conquered the underworld and orcs of Neverwinter across consoles can begin a new adventure today. The latest module is a story of the Vallenhas family stronghold and invites players to partake in a tragic narrative that dances with devils, bargains with demons, and places innocent souls on the line. Adventurers can go up against the Arch devil Zariel and her evil plans in this drop. As the Blood War rages, Infernal Descent takes this title to a new zone, full of challenges for the heroes of Neverwinter.

Hell Pit

The Hell Pit event kicks off this battle in the first layer of hell. Heroes will have to stare down waves of demonic beasts as they storm the pit. While this doesn’t sound like too unusual a challenge, you’ll go solo relying on your wits and a range of power-ups to climb out on top of the denizens of the pit. Do well and there’s even rewards in it for you, as well as your life.

New Zone

The latest areas of Neverwinter to unlock for level 80 players are the Vallenhas and Avernus adventure zones. As the game works through these regions, even seasoned warriors will find some tough opposition. As a new story unravels, players will eventually reach the truth about the Vallenhas family and unlock The Infernal Citidel, a new end game dungeon that is definitely not for the faint of heart. Navigate the spider web of chains, face demonic monstrosities, and defeat Zaphael the Pit Fiend for a wealth of rewards, then get the hell out of Hell!

Neverwinter is Perfect World’s free to play MMORPG based on the hugely popular Dungeons & Dragons franchise. Head over to the Microsoft Store or Playstation Store, pick a class and start your adventure for free today.

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