Neverwinter Receives Free Jewel of the North Battle Pass

Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment have announced that a free Neverwinter Battle Pass will be rolling out in the Jewel of the North module. The MMORPG battle pass is called Echoes of Prophecy and the first “milestone” (out of three) will roll out for both PC and consoles starting October 1st. The second milestone is expected to launch on November 1st and the third on December 1st. The Jewel of the North Battle Pass is free to all players and there is also a premium battle pass available that offers additional rewards.

Players can experience an evolving campaign across the milestones. Veteran players will recognize the resurging Cult of the Dragon as part of the battle pass. During the events of the ongoing story, players will be able to take part in unique content, defeat new enemies, and take home a bunch of great rewards for the effort.

Some rewards include:

  • log in rewards
  • new mounts
  • cosmetic items
  • emotes

In Echoes of Prophecy, rumors of oddities in the Weave have spread from the frozen north of Icewind Dale to the sweltering southeastern Dambrath as the Cult of the Dragon has made a return to the city of Neverwinter. Alongside the legendary Sage of Shadowdale Elminster Aumar and the gathering factions forming the Shield of the North, players investigate this mysterious phenomenon and search for answers in hopes of bringing peace to Faerûn once more. 

Check out the Neverwinter official site to learn more.

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