Neverwinter & Star Trek Online Charity Events


Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have announced a fundraising initiative in two MMOs, Neverwinter and Star Trek Online. Players are invited to purchase in-game items via a specially created fundraising site that will be donated to a pair of organizations that are instrumental in helping people around the world.

Players who visit will be able to purchase a number of in-game items in $2.00 or $10.00 packages. Each includes a number of goodies that can be proudly displayed in game.

  • Neverwinter
    • $2.00 – Blue Companion Choice Pack
    • $10.00 – Dragonborn Race Pack and the contents of the $2.00 pack
  • Star Trek Online
    • $2.00 – Heroic Risian Caracal Pet, Heroic Tribble, “Heroic” title
    • $10.00 – Somerville Intel Science Vessel T6, Batlh Intel Science Vessel T6, 1 Fleet Module, and the contents of the $2.00 pack

According to Perfect World and Cryptic, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to two different organizations: Pop Culture Hero Coalition, an anti-bullying support group founded by Deep Space Nine’s Chase Masterson; and the United Way.

Learn more about Star Trek Online by visiting its official site. Learn more about Neverwinter by heading to its official site.

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