Neverwinter – Uprising launches for PC with new race

Neverwinter Uprising

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have sent word that Neverwinter has been updated for PC. The Uprising content expansion brings a bevy of cool new things including the playable Gith race and new Illithid enemies into the game. The console version of Uprising will launch on October 1st.

Illithid and Gith and their long-standing conflict have been long-time staples in Dungeons & Dragons. Those who choose to play as Gith will find some pretty awesome tools at their disposal. Gith are considered “psionic warriors”. VIP members will be able to get the first crack at Gith by having exclusive access to the race for two weeks. After that time, all players will be able to create and play a Gith.

New story content includes an exploration of the conflict between Gith and the Illithid. “Engage the Illithid in a struggle that will take adventurers from the depths of Undermountain to a secret Gith asteroid base in orbit above Toril.”

But there’s much more to Uprising than this. Other big features include:

  • a new endgame 10-player trial in Tower of the Mad Mage
  • Protector’s Enclave and early game zones have been remodeled.
  • the Appearance System has been overhauled with an improved UI and much more.
  • Stardock Arena is a new PvP map with new rewards

There are a series of developer diaries available on the Neverwinter official site. Head over to check them out.

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