Neverwinter – Vault of Stars Coming March 2 for PC


Recently, the PC version of Neverwinter has been updated with the Sharandar expansion. The retooled Sharandar keeps the flavor of the original but brings some new features to the area including Ruins of Malabog adventure zone, Annis Hag Lair, and the Vault of Stars End-Game Dungeon arriving March 2nd on PC.

“The Gloaming Court is ruled by the Queen of Air and Darkness, a formless entity of great power. But she keeps within the Vault of Stars a powerful magical item known as the Night Diamond. Could this be the key to defeating the hags?”

The Neverwinter team published a new blog post dedicated to the dungeon and the dangers players will encounter inside it.

Thradisar and the Arcane Collective are recruiting powerful adventurers to infiltrate the halls of the Gloaming Court and break into the Vault of Stars to retrieve a shard of the powerful artifact for study.

Guarding the way into the court is the Royal Gardener who will test the mettle of brave adventurers. Making the way past this twisted outcast is just the beginning of adventurers’ troubles for the Forest of Blooms will stand in their way.  The prevailing darkness of this place means the only with the assistance of the light can strangers make their way through… only to be faced with another challenge.

Follow the link above to check out the blog post and find out about all the dangers that await your party in the Vault of Stars!

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