New Achilles: Legends Untold Trailer Spotlights Early Access Release

Achilles: Legends Untold

Dark Point Games has released a new trailer to announce that Achilles: Legends Untold will be entering early access on May 12, 2022. The trailer provides a cinematic look at the ARPG’s protagonist as well as some pretty sweet-looking gameplay action.

The trailer gives viewers a peek into several of the game systems they can expect at the launch of early access. This includes Souls-like gameplay along with old-school hack’n’slash action. The goal, according to developers, is to provide players with a game that is simple to pick up and learn but difficult to master. Combat runs along the lines of Souls-like tactics without the barrier to new players that that usually presents.

Other features include:

  • co-op gameplay with procedurally-generated dungeons
  • skill-based combat
  • RPG elements
  • resource management
  • crafting and materials collection

The game also features the innovative GAIA system, which means the AI characters’ actions feel lifelike and work together in unpredictable ways. Experience immersive battles in which monsters adapt to your playstyle, try different strategies or create ambush scenarios, all driven by this contemporary, in-house-designed system.

Check out the Achilles: Legends Untold Steam page to learn more or to add it to a wishlist.

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