New Age of Empires IV Offers “Hands On History” Trailer

During Gamescom 2021, Microsoft unveiled a brand new Age of Empires IV trailer that is sure to whet the appetite of fans around the world. The video gives viewers a peek at gameplay through the campaign as well as some in-game “documentaries” called Hands-on History. These provide players a chance to celebrate history and cultures “in a fun, educational way”. In addition, the community was treated to a look at the Rise of Moscow campaign and the HRE civilization.

At launch, players will get to build and expand Moscow over time. The Rus’ skills in hunting, trade, and construction combined with a battle-ready cavalry will see them become more powerful as they expand to new frontiers through the Ages. The Opening Night Live trailer showcased two unique units, the Streltsy and Warrior Monks (wololo!). The Streltsy’s combination of ax and gunpowder partnered with the conversion capabilities of Warrior Monks will make a Rus army a force to be reckoned with.

AoE4 is due out on October 28th for PC via the Windows Store and Steam. It will also be available on the Xbox Game Pass for PC starting on launch day. Preorders are currently open with a variety of editions available.

The Age of Empires IV official site has tons more information about each of the campaigns and civilizations so it’s definitely worth a visit.

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