New AOC GH200 and GH300 Offer Big Sound For A Small Price

AOC has just unveiled the GH200 and GH300 gaming headsets, packing in a ton of sound for not much cash.

AOC, a brand probably better known for its displays than anything else, has just unveiled two brand new headsets. The GH200 and GH300, a twin pair of audio add ons for your in game adventures might be a first step into the audiophile world for AOC, but we’re already sitting up and taking note. Featuring a sleek chassis, custom drivers, virtual surround sound, and RGB customization, the price point of these two headsets caught us off guard.

Coming in at £39 and £49 both of these headsets certainly look twice the price. Whether you choose the toned down all black GH200 or the red accents or the GH300, both come with a solid steel slider core surrounded by a hefty helping of memory foam to keep you comfy during long raids. The earcups also benefit from this same padding, while the metal mesh covers on the outer edges of the earcups are common to both models. The mildly more premium GH300 sets itself apart with a flash of RGB color, set into those metal mesh covers, providing players with a vast range of customization options.

Dynamic Range

No matter which version piques your interest, each set benefits from custom-tuned 50 mm neodymium drivers, offering a frequency range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz and running with an impedance of 32 Ω (±15%). The GH300 is capable of reproducing in game audio at 24 bit/96 Khz thanks to its 2m usb connection and in line control function, while the GH200 will pump its audio down a 2 m braided cable and 3.5 mm jack. While the GH3000 includes bundled 7.1 virtual surround sound, the GH200 is still windows sonic compatible so you can fall back on this across Xbox or PC.

With AOC bringing in these new audio weapons at such a low price, we’ve yet to see if they will ‘enable a solid, lag-free audio connection without issues such as compression delay or compression artefacts’ or if I’ll need to call on some support form a decent DAC/AMP. We will have our own thoughts when the AOC GH300 and GH200 both hit stores in May 2021. UNtil then, find out more on the official AOC webpage or check out some of the competition here on Gamespace.

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