New ARMA 3 Charity DLC Benefits the Red Cross


Bohemia Interactive has announced that a brand new DLC is now available for ARMA 3 on Steam. The Art of War DLC provides players with an in-game museum that features art created by the game’s community. Most importantly, however, players purchasing The Art of War will help contribute charity funds to the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC). The DLC is available for $1.99 though players are free to contribute up to $9.99 to benefit the ICRC.

In addition to the release of The Art of War DLC, Bohemia also announced steep discounts on the base game and all other available premium content packages on Steam. Discounts range from 50-75% from now through March 1st.

Additionally, the premium DLC features new game assets such as a formal suit, a parade uniform, a new backpack, and various t-shirts, alongside several props related to art galleries and memorials. These items provide unique opportunities for Arma 3 roleplaying and user-generated content. The DLC release is complemented by a set of extra Arma 3 Steam Achievements for players to unlock.

Check out the ARMA 3 official site to learn more.

About ARMA 3

Released in 2013, Arma 3 remains highly popular to this day, with a 90% positive user rating on Steam (based on 130,000+ reviews), 80,000+ Steam Workshop items, 100,000+ registered community groups (units), and an average playtime per user of 150+ hours. Half a million people still play the game every month. This year, Bohemia Interactive plans on publishing new Arma 3 projects made by third-party developers as part of its Creator DLC initiative.

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