New Breath of the Wild Trailer is in the Wild

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A brand new Breath of the Wild trailer has been released by Nintendo, as if we needed more reasons to be hyped for the next Zelda game. Found by our friends at DualShockers, this one’s a Japanese TV spot. It shows off a good amount of epic battles and cutscenes – worth watching even if you can’t understand Japanese.

Our thoughts on the new Breath of the Wild Trailer?

It’s pretty short, but one thing’s becoming more and more clear – the combat potential and control of Link in this new entry look to be the most advanced yet. The cinematics also show off a level of polish and movie-quality direction that we haven’t seen from a Zelda game.

Be sure to read our coverage of the recently announced $20 DLC Pass for Breath of the Wild too.  And did we mention that Beedle is back?

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