New Cake Bash Patch Is The Icing On The Cake

cake bash patch

High Tea Frog And Coatsink slid their frantic sponge based battler back into the oven yesterday and released a new patch for Cake Bash.

Shortly after dishing up Cake Bash to Nintendo Switch owners just last week, the team behind the pastry-based party game has announced that PlayStation and Xbox owners of the cakey rumble should see a slightly different cake Bash with a brand new patch. The November Patch notes just released last night and centre on a range of bug fixes and improvement.s You’ll still be able to bash the crumbs out of each other when you take to the countertop but now console players should find that they should no longer hit bugs that will wipe progress and Fork Knife should make for a much smoother, if still utterly chaotic, game mode.

Cake Bash?

For those of you that haven’t sampled Cake Bash, this multiplayer party game takes all the silly cake based puns I’ve already used and crams them into a whole tasting tray of mini-games. Across a range of encounters, you’ll pick a cake and bash the cream out of other sweet treats to be the best cake of the day. Whether you pick on other players online, locally, or just have the tasty treats all to yourself in solo play, Cake Bash is a pleasant bit of sugary action. Mini-games like Fork Knife where you play to be the last cake left, Campfire where you’ll need to toast some mallows, or the scrumptious Scones & S’mores are lavishly sandwiched between the core cake bashing making Cake Bash a baker’s dozen types of fun. You can catch all the November patch notes on the official website now and head over to ou review of Cake Bash for our impressions too.

If you’ve yet to sample the delights of this title then you can enter our competition to grab a copy of Cake Bash before the week is out too. Check it out now.

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