New Captain Tsubasa Trailer Shows Off Fancy Footwork

The upcoming antithesis to modern sports games, Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, just dropped a new trailer and it gives a glimpse fo the sporting star’s story and onfield moves.

Coming to Switch, PS4, and PC later in 2020 this soccer sim isn’t quite what you’d expect to from the likes of EA. Instead, Bandai Namco’s new title is an anime inspired field of battle. Populated by the cast of a hugely successful manga franchise, Captain Tsubasa is a sporting title that take all the over the top action of the traditional anime adventure and crams it into the field of play, The latest trailer shows of this bright battle and the flashy moves that make this title such a palette cleanser from the bland green hues of FIFA.

As this is based on a well known manga series, the trailer takes the opportunity to introduce a whole host of characters that fans of the franchise might be familiar with. Captain Tsubasa, Shun Nitta, Makoto Soda, and Hiroshi Jito are just a few of the team members that make an appearance in the trailer. Each of the characters appears to have their own strength and superbly over the top special moves, because why not.

This also gives players a glimpse of the narrative story involved in the new game. While it is likely to stay faithful to the narrative of the series, Captain Tsubasa seems like a solid update and incarnation of a series that is much loved across Japan. After all, the manga publication is largely credited with popularizing soccer, or football for the rest of us, in Japan. If you love anime like Kuroko no Basuke or Haikyuu! Then check out the new Captain Tsubasa trailer and head over to the official Bandai Namco website for more information on this sporty fiesta.


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