New Challenges Mean New Heroes In My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero, the mobile action RPG featuring the mightiest soon to be heroes just got an update and a bunch of new playable characters.

Fans of All Might and the huge roster of colorful characters that make up My Hero Academia have another reason to pick up their mobiles today. Assuming they’re not busy catching up on Izuku Midorya’s latest escapades on Crunchyroll, then My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero just added a bunch of new challenges and new playable comrades to this mobile RPG.

Just a month after launching live in Europe, and with over 1.8 million times for both Google Play and the iOS store, this anime-inspired on the go game is adding both Endeavour & Shota Aizawa. Both of these two are S rarity heroes, meaning they can cut through foes with ease. Endeavour can be acquired using tickets earned by competing in the game’s special access event, giving players a powerful addition to their arsenal. Endeavour comes with his signature quirk, allowing this character to control fire at his will. You can check out a quick overview of Endeavours playstyle above.

Shota Aizawa is available at the beginning of July and while we only have previews via other territory launches, it’s expected we will see a set of skills comparable to the anime’s established quirks. Whichever hero is your preference, the associated events will significantly increase each hero’s active card drop rate, hopefully making it easier to fight crime.

If you’ve not heard of My Hero Academia and its associated mobile spin-off then head over to the official website to grab the game and find out why, for several years running, the anime community seemingly voted Izuku best boy. Once you find out tell me though, could you?

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