New Cloth Gear for Guild Wars 2 But Not How You Imagine

Guild Wars 2

So it looks like we’re getting some brand new gear from the team at ArenaNet and it looks like it’s going to be a full cloth set. Wild Bangarang has announced a crossover collaboration with Guild Wars 2.

For those of you whoa re not aware, Wild Bangarang is a UK design company who specializes in geek and gamer apparel. They’re probably best known in the gaming world for their Wow and Overwatch line that still fils the official Blizzard Gear Store. Now the team that only deals in low defense gear is bringing Tyria to its store. We spotted this post by the Wild Bangarang team over on their Instagram last night and as a fan of the Guild Wars 2 world, I will absolutely be dropping by the trading post to get some of this loot as soon as it launches.


The announcement doesn’t tell us anything more and it comes only a few months after the UK company dropped a twitter poll on the idea which saw some obvious support for the idea and a more clear cut victory than the Lion’s Arch Captain  Council elections that landed back in 2013.

For those of you that aren’t aware, Guild Wars 2 is the MMORPG published by ArenaNet. This massively multiplayer game is the direct sequel to Guild Wars and features a gorgeous aesthetic, a deep world, episodic adventures, and just dropped their in-game festival, Dragon Bash last week.

We don’t know a huge amount about the full line or what exactly it will feature quite yet apart from the wider theme. Based on previous licensed runs, it will almost certainly means we will see some leggings and possibly the odd shooter top. Still, I cannot wait to take a little bit of Tyria with me when I head off to the gym. What about you?

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