New Content Updates Revealed for Indivisible

If you’re busy whittling away those hours between E3 announcements and you’ve already had your 12th coffee, you might need something to occupy the downtime. Backers of Lab Zero Game’s new RPG, Indivisible, have got that covered with a brand new demo of this upcoming RPG.

Despite its handcrafted aesthetic, Indivisible is a definite step up in scale from Skullgirls. This hybrid RPG follows the adventures of Ajna, a bit of a tomboy whose life is turned upside down by an attack on her town. In classic RPG style, a mysterious power awakens within her and this sets off a quest to confront the warlord that decimated her home. This is not just a narrative step away from Skullgirls for Lab Zero. Mechanically it is an entirely new challenge, as the updated content demonstrates.

Three new playable characters are included this time around. Nuna, the plant summoner, Latigo, the gunslinger, and pirate queen Baozhai are all new to Indivisible. For the first time, the game’s hybrid battle system will also make an appearance. This hybrid style boss can switch effortlessly between twitch based platforming and a traditional RPG. It’s an interesting concept that I’ve never seen attempted before and should make for some pretty unique gameplay.

If you backed the IndieGoGo campaign for Indivisible then simply update your existing demo to get the newest content. For the rest of us, we will have to make do with the superb craftsmanship in the trailer below and wait until later this year, when we can grab it on PC, Mac, and all major consoles.

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