New Dragon Age Game Will Be Single-Player Only

New Dragon Age Game Will Be Single-Player Only

The changes at Bioware are never over. Following the news of Anthem’s demise, Jason Schreier is back with another article for Bloomberg. According to the journalist’s sources familiar with the matter, Electronic Arts allowed the developers of the new upcoming Dragon Age title to axe the multiplayer from the game.

The first two games in the fantasy RPG series, Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2, were strictly single-player. The latest title, Dragon Age: Inquisition, featured a multiplayer component that did not seem to garner the same interest as Mass Effect 3 or Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer – other games from Bioware allowing you to party up with friends.

Even with Anthem remaining in the as-is state for the foreseeable future, Bioware is currently a very busy studio.

In addition to the new DA title, the developers are hard at work on the long-awaited Mass Effect trilogy remaster aka the Legendary Edition and an entirely new entry into the Mass Effect series.

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