New Dying Light 2 Community Site Launches

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Techland has announced the launch of TechlandGG, its new community hub for Dying Light 2 and all of the company’s other video games. Fans were introduced to the conceptual idea in the first-ever Dying 2 Know developer video. The goal is to “expand, connect, and immerse players” through all the company’s games with a particular emphasis on the Dying Light series as the world prepares for the launch of DL2.

One of the cooler aspects of TechlandGG is that players can register for the site and tie their DL game account to it. By so doing, players will earn exclusive items including The Wasp, a brand new weapon for the game that is inspired by one that will be coming in DL2. In addition, users can get a first-hand peek at never-before-seen concept art, images, and wallpapers.

TechlandGG also offers players ways to “level” their account through a number of different activities. The first item they can obtain through gaining account XP is an exclusive Aiden outfit for DL2.

To earn account XP, players can:

  • Log in to TechlandGG
  • Watch trailers on Techland’s YouTube channel
  • Finish quests
Even more ways to earn XP Points will be added soon, including:
  • Subscribing to Techland’s newsletter
  • Finding hidden easter eggs
  • Searching for special content on social media

Check out all of the Dying Light 2 information on the TechlandGG official site.

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