New Games Coming to Nintendo Switch This Week

New Games Coming to Nintendo Switch This Week

Are you looking for new ways to entertain yourself during isolation? Worry not; Nintendo has an entire line up of new games coming to your Switch this week!

As always, check out the official site to see the entire list of the games coming to Nintendo Switch in the near future or check out some of the titles coming to the console this week below:


  • Single-player bullet hell
  • Developer: Glass Revolver
  • Publisher: Armor Games Studios
  • Release date: April 22

ITTA is a bullet-hell adventure set in a world filled with monstrous bosses. When Itta wakes up and finds herself surrounded by her dead family, her only guide is a strange spirit that takes the form of the family cat who gifts her a glowing revolver for protection.

As Itta, players must seek out the powerful beings locked away beneath this seemingly peaceful world and go toe-to-toe against them in harrowing battles. From hulking ancient golems to toothy horrors, Itta’s journey will push both you and her past their limits. Luckily, you can change up your combat style by finding weapons with unique attack styles, and if the going gets too tough, toggle on invincibility or player damage multipliers at any time.

Sunless Sea: Zubmariner Edition

  • Single-player adventure RPG
  • Publisher: Digerati
  • Release date: April 23

Take the helm of your steamship in a Victorian Gothic roleplaying game of discovery, loneliness and frequent death. Find your father’s bones. Determine London’s destiny. Defy the gods of the deep sea. Build up your story across generations of zailors who braved the sea and lost. Real-time combat against ships and Zee-beasts, spider-crewed dreadnoughts and sentient icebergs.

Broken Lines

  • Single-player turn-based RPG
  • Developer: Porta Play
  • Publisher:
  • Release date: April 23

Broken Lines is a story-driven turn-based tactical RPG set in an alternate-history version of World War II. It’s a game about a group of eight soldiers who crash-land behind enemy lines.

Broken Lines combines a tactical RPG with story-driven gameplay. As your soldiers battle the mental strain of war, you’ll need to command them in combat— will they avoid the enemy, or go head to head with their foes?

MotoGP 20

  • Sports Sim for up to 8 players
  • Developer: Milestone
  • Publisher: Milestone
  • Release date: April 23

With MotoGP 20, experience all the thrills of the more-complete-than-ever Managerial Career mode and decide whether to join a 2020 season team and race together with the official riders or join a totally brand new team.

Discover more realistic physics, improved graphics, new 3D models of riders and face scans of official MotoGP team managers, plus new animations. Learn to manage gasoline and tyre consumption.

eSports Legend

  • Single-player Sim
  • Publisher: Coconut Island Games
  • Release date: April 23

You are here to make an unknown amateur team world-famous within several seasons!  Hundreds of members with unique personalities and skills are waiting for you to recruit! Else than the four major leagues, there are dozens of cups to challenge.

Be the winner, win the prize and make your team legendary!

Archaica: The Path Of Light

  • Single-player Puzzle
  • Publisher: Drageus Games
  • Release date: April 24

Manipulate artifacts from an ancient civilization to solve challenging puzzles. As the Light Bearer, your quest is to walk the legendary Path of Light and explore an ancient and beautiful world.


  • Fighting for up to 8 players
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco
  • Release date: April 24

The latest game in the Ultimate Ninja Storm series is finally here for Nintendo Switch™! It features all DLC, including the latest “NEXT GENERATIONS” DLC Update Pack. Relive the Fourth Great Ninja War that unfolded in Naruto Shippuden, and experience the story of Boruto: Naruto the Movie featuring Naruto’s son, Boruto Uzumaki. Plus, choose from 124 ninja—the most in the series! Join in action-packed battles, whenever and wherever you want!

Trials of Mana

  • Single-player Action-RPG
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Release date: April 24

Trials of Mana is the 3D remake of the hit classic RPG released in 1995 as Seiken Densetsu 3.

This daring tale of overcoming the tests of fate has been given new life! Experience the beloved adventure fully modernized with graphic improvements, character voiceover support, a remastered soundtrack and a new episode which you can experience after the ending, in addition to an ability system and a new class that reconstructs the character levelling system plus more active battles!

Guard Duty

  • Single-player Adventure
  • Developer: Sick Chicken Studios
  • Publisher: Ratataika Games
  • Release date: April 24

Tondbert, loyal Guard to the Castle of Wrinklewood has a lot to answer for. Under his watch someone has snuck into the kingdom and kidnapped the princess — an event that will have consequences well into the future.

A thousand years later, humanity is on its last legs before being wiped out by an evil dark force. Join Agent Starborn to save the Earth, and vanquish an evil that has been around for centuries!

Discover how these two playable characters’ fates are intertwined and you might just save humanity in the process in this traditional point and click adventure game!

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