New Gaming Releases for Fall

Tales of ARISE - PlayStation 4 Review

Gaming brings every gamer a world full of entertainment and enjoyment. There is no doubt about that. With fall practically on the cusp of our front doors, the cosy season has officially begun. What does that exactly mean, you ask? Well, it means unlimited amounts of gaming, cuddled up on the sofa, with an abundance of snacks and pumpkin spice treats as you game away. This is the best season for game releases; be it mobile casino pleasures, or console releases that are perfect for getting lost in adventure. Here are the new gaming releases that you need to prepare for this fall!

Lost Judgment: PS5

This game brings the tale of Akihiro Ehara in the Tokyo District. Standing trial for sexually assaulting a woman on the commute of public transport, astonishing evidence shows young Akihiro fleeing the scene, on bystanders filmed footage. Seems guilty enough, right? However, to make matters worse, just days later, the accused faces even harder trials as a dead body is found but three days later within a building in Yokohama. Looking to seek justice for a possibility of false imprisonment, his defense lawyer, Sairi Shirosaki is looking at the crucial intricate details that appear to have been overlooked by investigators. Contacting other detectives to aid her investigation further, she questions how Akihiro could have possibly committed two crimes that were dated to occur on the same day. Is there more to the story? An elaborate cover up perhaps?

This game has you connecting the dots to bring the right justice for the crime scenes that have occurred. Gripping from the start, it promises many hours of gameplay. A perfect title to play if you recently landed your own PS5 console for yourself.

Tales of Arise - Tales of Festival Trailer

Tails of Iron: PS5

Set in a land that has only seen war plague the years to pass, this adventure game will have you relishing the scenes of combat for weeks to come. Your job is to restore the world that was, and banish the Frog Clan from the Kingdom. A task easier said than done, you will encounter multiple companions to take along with you-hey, you will need all the help you can get. As you progress through the game, you will come across blueprints for new weaponry and protective armour, which should prove very useful to you on your missing. Every step forward will have you overcoming fears, as well as defeating the zombie gargantuan grubs, which is much harder than it looks. Upgrading your gear and skills is crucial and you will need to overcome great perils and obstacles to get the job done right.

Tales of Arise: PS5

Tales of Arise is a game for anime fans that love a good storyline to go with combat adventure themes. Coming out on September 10th, this title has you challenging yourself and the fate which binds you to the planet of Dahna. For 300 years, Rena was the ruler of the kingdom, soullessly stripping residents of their rights, freedom and dignity. This tale will begin with two characters that could not be more different to one another, and worlds apart. However, connected on this journey they must be, as both are looking to change the fate that was dealt with them.

With updated combat styles, in addition to intricate gameplay mechanical applications, the experience from this game in the series of ‘Tale of’, the next chapter brings to life beautiful new graphics that cannot be challenged for the times we are in now. There are full-on action and battle scenes that you can dig into, without sacrificing the authentic combat gameplay that comes with this gaming series experience.

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