New Gotham Knights Trailer Showcases Nightwing and Red Hood

Gotham Knights Spread Their Wings in October

Warner Bros. Games and DC have released a brand new gameplay trailer for Gotham Knights coming to the world in fall 2022. In this latest video, developers showcase an extended look at Nightwing and Red Hood in action. The video is narrated by Game Director Geoff Ellenor and offers players a peek at the pair as they “bring justice to Gotham City’s criminal element” as they investigate clues about the mysterious Cult of Owls. Each character’s abilities and distinct fighting style are revealed as well as some of the environments they traverse using their own special methods.

The game is set for launch on October 25th for next-gen consoles and PC. It’s currently available for preorder:

Starting today, Gotham Knights will be available for pre-order on all launch platforms via the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Steam, and Epic Games Store. Players can pre-order the Gotham Knights Standard Edition for $69.99 (SRP). The Gotham Knights Deluxe Edition can be pre-ordered for $89.99 (SRP), including the base game and Visionary Pack downloadable content (DLC) with exclusive gear, cosmetics, Beyond Suitstyle character skins inspired by the Batman Beyond animated series, and more. The Gotham Knights Collector’s Edition can be pre-ordered for $299.99 (SRP), featuring the Deluxe Edition, augmented reality collectible pin, 16-page media book, and exclusive Gotham City map, four-character statue diorama, and more. Additionally, pre-orders will receive the 233 Kustom Batcycle Skin at launch, based on the vehicle’s first appearance in DC’s Detective Comics #233. 

Check out the Gotham Knights official site to learn more.

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