New Grounded Trailer Will Really Bug You

Obsidian Entertainment has sent out a brand new trailer for Grounded, its action-adventure game currently in Steam early access. Rather than focusing on the antics of the player protagonist, the video shines the spotlight on the insects that players will encounter in their tiny lives beneath the grass.

Developers wanted to ensure that insects carried out their own agendas throughout the gameplay. Each one, from aphids to ladybugs to ants to spiders, has its own particular fight for survival. Insects utilize the Goal Oriented Action Plan, a game feature that “manages the artificial intelligence as they lead their own busy lives throughout the yard”. The goal is, of course, to ensure happy insects.

Examples of insects players might encounter that use the GOAP mechanic include:

  • Aphids that are curious explorers.
  • Gnats that will “boop” players when encountered simply because it makes them happy to do so.
  • Weevils that spend their time sniffing mushrooms.

The GOAP A.I. system creates exciting gameplay possibilities for players. And as we continue to add new insects during Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access, things will get even more interesting, and we’re looking forward to pushing gameplay to enhance the player experience.

Read more about insects in Grounded by visiting Xbox Wire and by checking out the video.

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