New Infinite Radiance Season Begins in Dauntless


Later today, Phoenix Labs will be updating all versions of Dauntless to bring the Infinite Radiance season into the game. In addition, devs are promising a sneak peek at upcoming content thanks to the release of the spring and summer roadmap. The update is expected to be live around 11:00 am Pacific / 2:00 pm Eastern today.

Some of the big updates Slayers can expect in Infinite Radiance include:

  • Trials improvements that will tweak the leaderboards by weapon type and by the total number of goals completed. The more completed goals, the higher spot on the leaderboard is attained, and the better the rewards. Completion times will be used to break any ties.
  • The new Reward Cache is a new seasonal store that replaces the Vault. Here players can trade seasonal currency for items. Seasons last approximately the length of time it takes to complete two Hunt Passes. Players can purchase weapon and armor skins, patrol keys, aethersparks, and rewards from previous Passes. Players can unlock these rewards by completing daily and weekly challenges that are considered timed quests across a number of game features.
  • During this season, players will have access to two separate timelines, “each one bringing new Hunting Grounds challenges as well as a new seasonal talent tree unlocking unique abilities. In this update, the Past and its Perfect Strike ability will be available.
  • War Pikes and Wounds have been retooled.
  • The Time Strike Hunt Pass is now available with all sorts of goodies included.

Check out the Dauntless official site to learn more.

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