New Nightmarchers Video Features Milu, The Ruler of the Dead


The Wyrmbyte team is hard at work running a Fig campaign and developing, Nightmarchers, an action RPG shooter set in the middle of Hawaiian culture.

In the world of Nightmarchers, you play as Kai, the descendant of a powerful kahuna with the unique potential to rally the old gods of Hawaii to the islands’ aid. With their help, you are tasked with retaking your beloved island in the wake of great calamity.

Today, Wyrmbyte released a teaser for Kai’s partnership with Milu, the Ruler of the Dead:

Through this arrangement, Milu grants Kai the ability to move as an unseen reaper of death with Akua Cloak and to gain control of his enemies through Spirit Possession.

For more information on Nightmarchers and Wyrmbyte’s Fig campaign, click here.

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