New Nintendo Joycon Colors are Coming in October

joycon color

A cluster of new Joycon colors is coming to the Nintendo Switch. On 4 October, Switch Owners can accessorize their Switch with some purple and orange additions.

Earlier today, Nintendo came out and announced the new Joycon controller colors on a social media post. Mobile gamers bored of their little black number or the other more outlandish add-ons can now get their mitts around a pair of new Joycon packs. The first of these and least interesting is the blue and neon yellow pack, pictured above. It seems to fit pretty well with the current range of Switch Peripherals on first glance. Neon yellow Joycons have been around for some time and the blue isn’t that much different from the current sky blue controller.

For those looking for something a bit more outrageous, a neon orange and neon purple pack makes a much more enthusiastic statement. Whether it makes you nostalgic for your old Gamecube or Waluigi’s antics, the orange and purple paint job is going to make your Nintendo Switch stand out.

For owners of the Nintendo Switch that have decided not to downsize onto the Joycon free Switch Lite, these bright new controllers could be the best option to get past the rumored Joycon drift issues starting to circle the mobile powerhouse. When the new Switch Joycon colors land, they will retail for around $79.99 a set. If you can afford this pricey paint job then you can find these new Joycon colors available to pre-order at major retailers like Best Buy.



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