New Online CD Projekt Red Store Takes Fans Shupe-ing

CD Projekt Red Store

If you are anything like me you’ve probably got a cabinet or three full of merchandise that you’ve got on display. Somewhere down the line, it became acceptable to buy everything your parents told you-you shouldn’t and because I’m a grown adult I can’t wait to get onto the new CD Projekt Red store.

Launched earlier today this online emporium is stuffed full of accessories for fans of the Witcher franchise. The first major addition to the CD Projekt Red store happens to be a special, hand-painted 12-inch polystone figure depicting Geralt of Rivia as a rōnin monster hunter. You can pre-order this specially crafted collectible or check out more about the figurine in the spotlight below.

The new opportunity to trade in your gold doesn’t begin and end with the Witcher. Fans of other CD Projekt Red series can find Gwent drops and even fuel their hype with some Cyberpunk 2077 gear. These include a range of t-shirts and my personal favorite, a Shupe the talking Troll. To coincide with the launch, CD Projekt Red released a decidedly quirky commercial to advertise some of their new gaming gear, which you can find below.


Do be aware that however cute they are, Shupe and friends only ship to the EU right now. Other territories are on the cards and coming in the future. If you want a look at all the merch on offer you can check out the new CD Projekt Red store website.

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