New Pigeon Simulator Trailer Looks Coo-l

Pigeon Simulator, the 10-second gif that caused an internet sensation is getting a fully fledged release and there’s a brand new trailer too.

We first spotted this internet sensation here at Gamespace when programmer KevKev dropped his own winged fury on Redditt at the start of June. With a few million hits, we knew it was something special and when the hotdog stand exploded, so did the internet. Now the im-peck-able aim of your very own dirty doven can come to life. Bossa Studios, the team behind greats like Surgeon Simulator and Purrfect Date, is about to add a new feather in their cap and we get more Pigeon madness.

We do not have a date of format for release yet but we do now that you will, to quote Bossa Studios:

“Adopt the role of a pigeon as you go about your daily business, whether that’s pooping on the pavement, pooping on a commuter, or um… pooping on a hotdog stand.”

We can, however, see that the same chaotic explosions, silly physics, and avian attacks are present that you’d expect from the original gif. There’s even the odd nod to I Am Bread and Surgeon Simulator included. Now, if only Purrfect Date had a hidden extra, that’d be clawsome. Until things start to take off properly, check out the Pigeon Simulator trailer above. I’ve been told to step away from the puns so you can fly off and can keep an eye on the official Bossa Studios website for more information. Alternatively, keep an eye out here at Gamespace for more details as they are available.

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