New Region Revealed in Black Desert Mobile Update

black desert mobile update

Black Desert Online has barely launched on mobile, but now a major content update is bringing a whole new region to mobile warriors.

Go Go … Rangers!

On the go explorers who jumped into Black Desert Mobile when it hit earlier this month, on 11 December, will already be reveling in some of the holiday events that are ongoing. Now, Pearl Abyss has announced that the latest update to this MMORPG will take players into a region called South Mediah. Opening up a range of new locations, including Altinova, Abun Village, Abandoned Iron Mines, and Marni’s Second Lab the first major addition to the mobile game is likely to drop a stash of new loot, lots of quests to accept, and a clutch of extra boss encounters to overcome.

While it looks like the future might be tough going for anybody taking on the new content, the extra content brings another new frontier. The character level cap will shift up from 55 to 60 and the maximum enchantment for items ratchets up from 30 to 35. No matter what monsters await, I think it’s safe to say that you’ll have a bigger sword too. If you are looking for new gear then you are in luck. A range of Mystical Gear joins the game because new challenges deserve new loot after all.

If you’re just looking to get into the game or haven’t hit level 50 yet, then there is still time to jump into the festive cheer and bash something for a prize. The Hammer of Fortune event is also live and allows participants to earn a bunch of cool stuff. If you want to grab the snowman pet then you’ve got until the end of the year to get in and try your luck.

Black Desert Online may have launched in 2014, bringing free-form combat and gorgeous graphics to PC but it didn’t stay there. After dodging over to Xbox and Playstation 4 it made it onto mobile and is certainly chewing up too much of my, and 20 million other players, screen time. If you’re interested in this Black Desert Mobile update  head over to the official Black Desert website or pick up the game for free on Google or Apple app stores now.

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