New Rocket League Content Races Onto Twitch Prime

Rocket League is gearing up to greet new content today. San Diego developer Psyonix and co pilot Twitch are giving Twitch Prime subscribers some new drops.

Anybody who uses the Twitch streaming service to catch their favorite streamers probably knows the deal by now. Subscribers to the Amazon-owned service can expect some extra special content to appear in their Twitch accounts today. Twitch Prime members will unlock four Content Packs that feature exclusive Twitch Prime in-game items by linking their Twitch accounts to their Rocket League platform of choice. Once your Rocket League account and Twitch prime account are linked, the first drop will get on the grid. This full list of these additions to your Rocket League account are detailed below, but players can expect to see new cars, decals, wheels, banners, and a lot of purples.

  • Twitch Prime Pack 1 – Available Now
    – Nemesis Battle-Car
    – Six Nemesis Decals
    – Stripes
    – Rocket Ball
    – Wings
    – Lightning
    – Full Speed
    – Snakeskin


  • Twitch Prime Pack 2 – Available Day 27 of Player Journey
    – TP19 Wheels
    – Drude Engine Audio
    – Nemesis Crisis Decal


  • Twitch Prime Pack 3 – Available Day 55 of Player Journey
    – Streamer Boost
    – Luster Animated Decal
    – Webcam Topper


  • Twitch Prime Pack 4 – Available Day 83 of Player Journey
    – Tactical Nuke Goal Explosion
    – Sushi Board Player Banner
    – Boba Drink Antenna

If you are new to terms like ‘Bleed Purple’ then you might still have access tot he aforementioned extras. Amazon Prime customers have access to member benefits on Twitch. Benefits include in-game loot, free games with Prime, and a free monthly channel subscription on Twitch in addition to all the benefits of being a Prime member. In order to find out more about the incoming drops, check out the Rocket League blog post or head over to the Twitch page for more information on going all purple. Surely this sounds like a better way of getting custom decals than loot boxes?


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