New Star GP Sets Confirms Race Day is 7 March

New Star GP - motorsport car crashing

Retro arcade motorsport sim New Star GP will come to PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch on 7 March.

The team behind the likes of New Star Soccer and Retro Goal is taking an old spin on another sport on 7 March. Retro tinged motorsport experience New Star GP will come crashing onto screens next month. The upcoming high-speed sim takes players back to the early days of arcade gaming, when getting in a full-sized motorsport recreation at the arcade was more likely than powering on a PS5. Featuring a high def spin on old school graphics, tons of depth, and a simple go faster setup, this is an unrelenting rush through the decades.

While the most obvious appeal of this upcoming racer is the Hotshot Racing aesthetic, there is far more under the bonnet here. Tilted closer to an arcade experience than a fully fledged sim, this drives its way through s 17 unique championship competitions set across a total of 17 variety of tracks, from across the globe. The career mode will introduce 45 unique drivers across the decades of racing, each with their own personalities and driving styles. All you have to do is navigate the corners, pick your pit stops, fuel your car, and make it out in front. You can even ensure your opposition has an “unfortunate training accident”.

If you manage to overcome all the AI opposition in career mode, then there are 176 unique events to take on. Time trials, checkpoint races, reverse races, rival races, elimination events, and stand-alone GP themed races. Failing all else, New Star GP also includes multiplayer support for up to 4 players, so your friends can crash out on an chicane instead.

If you love a bit of Forza but just want something a little different then check out the New Star GP trailer above and head over to the official Steam Store to find out more before it arrives across digital storefronts.

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