New Switch Games Are Waiting For Your Attention

New Switch Games Are Waiting For Your Attention

With April coming to an end, Nintendo and a variety of developers are making a heroic push to fit more new Switch games into this week’s release window. While the selection is not as big as the last few weeks’, there are still interesting choices to consider!

Check out the official site to find the full list of Switch games arriving in the near future.

Battle Axe

  • Adventure/arcade for up to 2 players
  • Publisher: Numskull Games
  • Release date: April 29

Battle Axe is an arcade top-down hack & slash featuring high-quality visuals created by veteran pixel artist Henk Nieborg, true to form game mechanics, and music from the legendary VGM composer Manami Matsumae – retro gamers rejoice!
For as long as you and your people can remember, your homeland of Mercia has been held in the tyrannical grip of “Etheldred”; a despotic sorceress in the distant icy wastelands to the north.


  • Action for up to 8 players
  • Publisher: Northplay
  • Release date: April 29

The sequel to the award-winning Conduct TOGETHER! takes players to the skies in a race against time to bring passengers safely to their destination by drawing flight paths and avoiding collisions in increasingly challenging action-puzzles.

Fly Solo or hand a Joy-Con to your friends and co-pilot through an expansive campaign. Complete contracts, upgrade your airport and collect a growing fleet of airplanes. Fly against your friends in hectic up-to-8-player battles: throw meteors, invoke tornadoes or drop a giant cake on your opponents. The pilot who gets the most passengers safely to their destination wins.

Before I Forget

  • Single-player adventure
  • Publisher: Plug In Digital
  • Release date: April 29

A woman alone in a house. A mystery and a love story.
Explore the present to uncover the past, in a short story of love and loss and a life well-lived.
A narrative exploration that examines a world where memories are constantly fading and jumbled. A game about dementia and what happens when you can’t hold onto the things you’ve done or the people you’ve loved.

Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Master

  • Single-player strategy/RPG
  • Developer: Goblinz Studio
  • Publisher: Goblinz Studio
  • Release date: April 29

Legend of Keepers is the perfect mix between Dungeon Management and Roguelite. You have been hired as a dungeon master by the Dungeons Company. Your job is simple: protect their dungeons!

Join the Dungeons Company and climb the corporate ladder. Crush so-called “heroes” and protect the company’s treasures. Hire monsters, manage your employees, and your stock of traps. Deal with employee strikes and other fun events

Reknum Cheri Dreamland

  • Single-player adventure/platformer
  • Developer: Nape Games
  • Publisher: Nape Games
  • Release date: April 29

REKNUM Fantasy of Dreams is an action, exploration and 2D platformer videogame, it is the latest installment in the REKNUM saga in which Cheri awakens from a fantasy to start the real adventure!

Explore the thematic levels, unlock new weapons and upgrade your skills, fight fearsome bosses inspired by classic gameplay, decipher the poetic words of the ancestors when you travel through the dreamworld and reach the real final outcome.

Castaway Paradise

  • Single-player sim
  • Developer: Rokaplay
  • Publisher: Rokaplay
  • Release date: April 29

Instant vacation on your own tropical island! Decorate the island, dress up, collect insects, grow crops and help your new neighbors. On Castaway Paradise you can do whatever you want.

♥ Fun activities
♥ Grow plants
♥ Create your own outfit
♥ Decorate your island
♥ Help the villager out
♥ Enjoy the seasons and various events

Super Glitch Dash

  • Single-player action/platformer
  • Developer: David Marquardt
  • Publisher: Rogue Games
  • Release date: April 29

Crack your knuckles and take a deep breath because the ultimate twitch runner has arrived. It’s called Super Glitch Dash for a reason, people: because it’s really, really super.

Immerse yourself in jaw-dropping next-generation visuals that pulsate to the beat of the rhythm-driven gameplay. Feel the rush of your reflexes as you swipe your way past axes, hammers, lasers, meat grinders and spikes while trying to navigate the insane obstacle courses that comprise each stage. Grind rails, flip upside down, and scream into all-new indoor environments as the rollercoaster-like worlds unfold before your very eyes.

New Pokémon Snap

  • Single-player sim
  • Developer: Bandai Namco Studios
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Release date: April 30

Seek out and take in-game photographs of Pokémon in their native environments in the New Pokémon Snap™ game, only for the Nintendo Switch™ system! Snap photos from the NEO-ONE as you you encounter and research lively wild Pokémon. You might see unexpected expressions or behaviors—Pokémon patrolling their territory, playing, or lurking in out-of-the-way spots.

Angels With Scaly Wings

  • Single-player adventure/sim
  • Developer: Radical Phi
  • Publisher: Ratalaika Games
  • Release date: April 30

After the discovery of a mysterious portal, you are selected as one of the few humans to travel to the world of dragons.

While you serve as an ambassador, you learn more about this strangely familiar place, and discover that your human colleague knows more than he’s letting on…

It will be up to you and the friends you make to uncover the conspiracy that threatens the newly discovered world. In the process, you may even find love.

Ultimate Custom Night

  • Single-player sim/strategy
  • Developer: Clickteam
  • Publisher: Clickteam
  • Release date: April 30

Welcome to the ultimate FNAF mashup, where you will once again be trapped alone in an office fending off killer animatronics! Featuring 50 selectable animatronic characters spanning seven Five Nights at Freddy’s games, the options for customization are nearly endless. Mix and match any assortment of characters that you like, set their difficulty from 0-20, then jump right into the action! From your office desk, you will need to manage two side doors, two vents, as well as two air hoses, all of which lead directly into your office.

Super Arcade Soccer 2021

  • Sports for up to 4 players
  • Developer: Ruben Alcaniz
  • Publisher: Ruben Alcaniz
  • Release date: April 30

SUPER ARCADE SOCCER 2021 lets you play soccer like never before, combining the best in new technology and classic retro games. It’s the best of both worlds! Tactics meets intense gameplay in a one-of-a-kind game you’re sure to enjoy. Face off against IA like you’ve never seen before. Enjoy a wide variety of competitions and an extensive database with the best teams and players in the world.

Play with or against your friends in leagues, cups and friendlies. Even a local 2 vs 2 match!

R-Type Final 2

  • Single-player action/platformer
  • Developer: Granzella
  • Publisher: NIS America
  • Release date: April 30

For the first time in nearly two decades, you can experience R-Type Final 2! Feel the rush of mowing down hordes of Bydo with your fleet of R-Type fighters equipped with an arsenal of new and classic wave cannons, force units, bit devices, and devastating delta weapons. The Bydo threat is always evolving, as new enemies spawn from the wreckage of fallen foes, and stages are corrupted and altered by the sentient Bydo corruption. R-Type Final 2 unites the explosive action of the original games with modernized visuals and gameplay features, making this a must-have title for new and old shoot-’em-up fans alike.

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