New Temtem trailer introduces starter critters

Crema and Humble Bundle have released some new information about the starter creatures that Temtem players will first encounter. The video introduces three of the adorable critters from the Airborne Archipelago that will be ripe for collection.

Crystle are cute but tough, their primary stats are Defense and HP and effective against Electrical and Mental type Temtem. Head to the mines of Queztal to find wild Crystles for a chance at catching a rare Luma version.

Smazee may be fluffy but they pack a punch and are all about attack power and speed. They are most effective against Earth and Crystal type Temtem and are known as elegant battle machines across the Archipelago.

Houchic are ideal first Mental type Temtem for novice trainers. Their strengths in Mentalism allow for strong Special Attack & Speed stat ratings. Houchic is especially effective against Neutral and Melee type Temtem.

The crowdfunded MMO is preparing for early access launch on January 21, 2020. For those who are interested, there will be a stress test event before the game’s launch. Players are invited to sign up on the official site.

Early Access will be packed with content including over 20 hours of campaign gameplay with four Boss Dojos to defeat. Players will be able to take on the world in co-op mode and be able to collect as many as 76 creatures which can be kept or traded. In addition, full player customization, creature breeding, PvP battles, and three islands will be available from the start. Future content plans will see 50% more content added, 161 new creatures to collect, more islands, more PvP features, housing, events, and much more.

Check out the Temtem official site to learn more.


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