New World – Arenas of the Ancient Guardians

New World - Arenas of the Ancient Guardians

The developers from Amazon have published a new blog post dedicated to a PvE feature in the upcoming sandbox MMORPG New World. While exploring the island of Aeternum, from time to time you might stumble upon the structures left by the Ancients. These Arenas of the Ancient Guardians are able to bend the laws of the island and bind some powerful denizens within their structure. Prepare to prove your mettle if you dare to enter them.

As you slay particular enemies in New World and dig through the loot they drop, you’ll occasionally come across a Spriggan Key. Along with the Key comes specific coordinates on where you need to go to use it. Upon reaching your destination you will find an ancient, vine encrusted pillar. From there you can turn in your Key and be teleported straight to the Arena. Anyone grouped with you at that time will also be teleported if they are standing around the pillar.

Once inside the Arena, your battle against the terrifying Spriggan will begin. You’ll only have a set amount of time to best this enemy so you’ll need to make sure you go in prepared. It’s always wise before teleporting into the Arena that you repair your weapons and armor and craft plenty of anything you think you might need. The Spriggan won’t go down easy.

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