New World – Blog Post Introduces Crafting Upgrades

New World Introducing Crafting Upgrades & New Weapon

Amazon Games Studio continues the development of MMORPG New World. The latest update to the alpha version of the game introduces changes to the crafting system, aimed at giving it immersive depth and meaningful impact on gameplay. The team mentions that whether you are gathering items as you run around killing the Corrupted or you’re the merchant-master, the changes will make the world of Aeternum more friendly and rewarding.

The number of items players can craft has been increased. The team also added additional functionality to the crafting system to ensure that crafting and gathering stay relevant through end game. A new interface, more depth and more interesting choices have been added to the system.


  • Added named items that can be crafted for most trade skills. These items start at tier 2 and go up to tier 5 with the goal of making crafting even more relevant in the end-game.

  • Introduced a variety of rare resources and ingredients that will be required to craft named items. Some of these rare ingredients can also be used in procedural crafting to gain gear score bonuses.

  • Introduced categorical ingredients that allow players to use different types of ingredients rather than a specific one. This will make it easier to craft various items (currently used for Repair Kits, certain cooking recipes, and procedural crafting).

  • Overhauled the procedural crafting system to give players more control and flexibility over custom crafting:

    • Players can now invest different levels of azoth while crafting. The more azoth you invest, the more bonuses you have a chance to add to your resulting craft.

    • Players can now use higher or lower tier materials within the same type (e.g. different tiers of wood when crafting a sword) to increase or decrease the gear score outcome.

    • Procedural crafting can also result in named items if the result is statistically identical to a named item in the game

  • Added new ways to unlock recipes:

    • Artifact recipes will allow players to craft a single item of that recipe.

    • Recipe schematics will allow players to permanently unlock a recipe.

  • All trade skills now cap at 200 to unify gathering, refining, and crafting progression.

Check out the official site for the full blog post to learn more about the game, changes to the crafting system (including new gear mechanics, new food mechanics & more), updates to the combat system, and a new weapon: the rapier. 

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