New World dev blog details Settlements & Governance

New World Closed Beta

The New World is still a rather mysterious MMO coming from Amazon Game Studios in May. After alpha testing ended in 2019, developers hunkered down to rework a number of core systems to prepare the game for launch. A number of blog posts are planned between now and the game’s release. The series officially kicked off yesterday with a new post about Settlements and Governance as it will work in the game.

“Staking a claim and working together as a community is a critical step on the path to dominance in New World.” the post begins. This happens through Territories, Settlements, and Forts.

When players first join the game, they will be required to choose to align themselves with one of three factions. Once done, they can create or join a Company which is where Territory control begins. Territories are distinct parts of the world of Aeternum and they can be claimed by these faction-based Companies.

“If the Territory is uncontrolled, this is as simple as paying the claim fee at the Territory’s Fort. If the Territory is already controlled by a Company, the Territory must be taken through War, which can only occur between companies that belong to different Factions.” wrote Lead Systems Designer John Liberto.

While Territories are large areas of land, Settlements are where players “own homes, craft, refine items, trade, take Faction Missions, and socialize”. They are also the major defense point for any given Territory. They can be attacked during PvP Wars or during PvE Invasions.

Players can also take the role of Governor of a Territory. Governors have a number of duties assigned to them including starting Town Projects, assessing taxes, assigning fees for travelers and Residents, etc. They are assisted by the Consul, the second in command.

Settlements are upgraded and, once done, allow players to create higher-quality, more powerful items. Upgrades also apply Lifestyle Buffs that “are powerful long-term bonuses for things like crafting and combat that only apply to Territory Residents.”

All Residents have the opportunity to take part in Town Projects, large scale activities to upgrade Settlements. “Town Projects require a significant amount of effort and investment from not only the controlling Company but also the players that call the Settlement home”.

Check out further details by visiting the New World official site.

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