New World Dev Diary – War and Invasions

Devs Detail the Evolution of PvP in New World

Despite Amazon’s MMORPG New World being postponed, the developers continue to share their vision of the various game aspects with the community. The latest developer diary is dedicated to war and invasions. What is the difference between the two? Territory War is a PvP feature while Corrupted Invasions are PvE content.

The island of Aeternum is divided into a number of territories, some of which can be controlled by groups of players. When two territories clash, one can challenge another to start a war. For an hour-long siege window, you can attempt a hostile takeover of the enemy’s territory fort which results in an intense 50v50 PvP combat for control. The attackers can use Siege weapons to try and bring the gates of the enemy encampment down to bring the battle inside, while the defenders utilize siege defense weapons to protect their holdings from the would-be conquerors.

To conquer the fort, you first need to bring down the gates, then get control of a flag and if you can stay near it for a certain period of time, you take the fort and the nearby territory. As a defender, your job is to not let that happen.

If the worry that another group of players can take your holdings away from you was not enough, the players in control of the territory would also need to be aware of the PvE Corrupted Invasions, where waves of enemies from all across Aeternum come to bring down your fortress. Over time it turns into a large-scale invasion with hundreds of Corrupted trying to level your forts and efforts of claiming the island.

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