New World Gets A New Blog And A New Release Date

New World, the upcoming MMORPG from Amazon Games just dropped a new video blog and it looks like it has a new release date too.

In a brand new developer update, Scot Lane took to social media to update viewers on the state of play and confirm that we’re going to get to jump into the New World on 31 August 2021. After something of a long gestation, it’s gratifying to see that Amazon is indeed looking to complete the development of their much anticipated MMORPG and this new information gives adventurers a little more detail on what to expect going forward.

While summer might not be long to wait, this news of an August release is something of a change from the previous schedule. Until now, we had been working on the expectation that New World would be with us in Spring 2021. During the short but direct update, New World’s Game Director expanded on exactly why this massive adventure is going to be a bit late on our shores. While the team at Amazon are busy adding endgame and plenty of polish, it seems that the extra time will be used to add several new features and get them in a fit state for launch.

All The New Stuff

This new content includes an entirely new end game zone. Called Ebonscale Reach, this area is home to lush wetlands and towering cliffs. It also houses the base of operations for a corrupted fleet there that could threaten the entire game world.

An entirely new content mode called Expeditions will also enter service during this deadline extension. Expeditions are akin to a 5 man dungeon that promises challenge requiring true skill and dedication to defeat.

Finally, Outpost Rush will round up the new content. A 20 vs. 20 battle set in a primordial river basin, this race for dominance is filled with forgotten ancient technologies and hidden sources of Azoth, as well as the slain bodies of your own in game adversaries.

While we’ve not gotten a good look at the new content, you might be able to get a glimpse at some of New World when it jumps into Beta testing on 20 July 2021 too. Frankly, we’re glad that amazon is taking extra time to flesh out and develop New World. While we definitely saw potential in our own hands on preview, it felt far from fluid and had plenty of work to be done. You can keep an eye on the New World release date and how it develops here, and over on the official website now.

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