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New World Dev Diary - Fight The World

In preparation for MMORPG New World launching on August 31st, the developers from Amazon have taken to the official forums to introduce the in-game store that will allow in-game purchases for cosmetic items outside of the deluxe edition and pre-order bonuses. Recently, the topic has sparked many hot discussions among the community, with the fans of the upcoming game worried that New World will turn to be pay-to-win (P2W).

“Items in the store during Alpha will be purely cosmetic and provide no gameplay advantages. As the game evolves, we may add new categories of store items based on our players’ desires. We may make mistakes which is why we’re testing and engaging with our community to solicit feedback. The Alpha store test will include an example skin, emote, and dyes (these are not the exact items we will sell when live, but give you an idea of the type and flavor).”

The team has three goals in mind when it comes to the in-game store:

  • Empower expressive personalization
  • Maintain a level playing field
  • Embrace veterans and welcome new arrivals

Check out the official blog post to see an in-depth explanation of what those points mean to the developers.

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