New Xbox Series S And Controller Leaks

xbox series s

It appears that a slip up an online ad scored one twitter user a bargain and might have just confirmed the existence of the Xbox Series S console.

Every so often grabbing a bargain buy form an online ad reaps serious results but for twitter user Zak S (@zak_exe), it appears they got way more than they expected when he picked up a new Xbox controller. It seems that, based on photographs and videos posted by the gamer, the Xbox controller they picked up is not only a brand new design somehow intended for Microsoft’s newest next-generation games console, but also confirmed the existence of a yet unannounced Xbox console. While the Series X console is almost old news ahead of its release, the packaging on Zak’s new controller purports compatibility with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S controller.


Assuming the information is legitimate, and Twitter seems pretty convinced at this point, this means that the Xbox next-generation series of consoles is following on with the same tiering structure as the current Xbox One range. The S series of Xbox is generally considered to be a cheaper entry into the ecosphere, cutting back some of the more to end features to give players a platform that with allow them to play Xbox compatible titles.

The leak also shows off a new design of Xbox Controller that looks similar to the previous generation, with minimal ergonomic modifications and a very obvious change to the D-Pad. We haven’t heard anything on the feel of the two in hand so I guess we’re going to be waiting until we find or own Xbox Series S controller when it launches for real.

This leak, if it is real, isn’t really a concern for security but it does look bad for Microsoft. If the company was set to confirm and Xbox Series S system then this will take much of the wind out of their marketing sails. The controller looks pretty nifty though, right? You can check out more about the next generation of Xbox systems and their games as we hear more about them both here at gamespace.


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