New Year New Last Oasis Trailer

We just got a new last Oasis trailer today and the sandbox from developer Donkey Crew looks better than ever.

Coming to PC Early Acess in Q1 2020, Last Oasis is one of our ones to look out for this year and developer Donkey Crew gave us a little more to watch right now. The new trailer is the first of the year and gives gamers a look at the new world they will inherit in Last Oasis. There is a good glimpse of the range of biomes that players will traverse during the game, the character creation system and assorted equipment, as well as the game’s iconic woodpunk walkers. The game’s crafting system, which allows survivors to gather from a range of resources, mostly wood, and build bases, tools, and battle chariots can also be glimpsed in the new trailer.

Last Oasis first popped up on our radar during Gamescom 2019 where Donkey Crew took me through a demo of their upcoming title. Set in a not so unrealistic future, the world has suffered a catastrophe that halts the Earth’s rotation. The result is a planet of two extremes. As the icy cold of space chills one side, the other boils beneath the sun. The only habitable strip of land lies between the two poles and shifts as the planet revolves around the Sun This forced migration has warped society into a group of survivors fueled by the water they find and carried around the globe by giant walking contraptions.

Apart from a cool aesthetic, the developers behind Last Oasis are very keen to keep things fair by constantly refreshing the game’s map. The biomes that rotate around the globe and moveable bases mean that players who log out for a few days ar not going to log back into a huge power gap. You might need to watch where you step, however, when the game’s massive sandworms come crawling after you. To catch a glimpse of these predators and all the other features form the new trailer, check above or head over to the Donkey Crew website for more details now.


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