Newest Battletech Update Brings Quality Changes


On June 20th Paradox Interactive and Harebrained Schemes released the first major update for BATTLETECH which provided some much needed quality of life changes and other system upgrades. There was quite a huge list in this update, but let’s go over the highlights.

  • MechWarrior customization. That’s right you can now make changes to MechWarriors you recruit.  You can now customize the appearance, callsign, name, pronoun, and voice of all non-Ronin MechWarriors in Battletech. The starting pilots (Behemoth, Dekker, Glitch, and Medusa) are now considered Ronin so you can’t change them.
  • Granular difficulty settings. A variety of settings have been added that can be adjusted at any time in the settings menu. These include:
    •  Lethality – when enabled, pilots that are disabled in combat will always die.
    • ‘Mech Destruction –  ‘Mechs disabled from Center Torso destruction are permanently lost.
    • No Rare Salvage –  + and ++ items are no longer generated as salvage results.
    • MechWarrior Progression – adjust the amount of experience that MechWarriors gain after each mission.
    • Advanced MechWarriors – increase or decrease the frequency of more powerful MechWarriors appearing in Hiring Halls in later parts of the game.
    • Enemy Force Strength – increase or decrease the baseline strength of the enemy forces.
    • Contract Payment – increase or decrease the amount of C-Bills paid by procedural contracts.
    • Salvage – increase or decrease the amount of salvage you may obtain.
  • New custom campaign mode. The following added Difficulty Settings can only be adjusted when starting a new campaign.
    • Ironman Mode. Your campaign is limited to a single save game slot that automatically updates as you progress. Run out of funds or fail a Priority Mission and it’s over!
    • Unequipped ‘Mechs – make ‘Mechs completed out of ‘Mech parts start empty instead of with a stock loadout.
    • Parts for ‘Mech Assembly – increase the number of ‘Mech parts that must be salvaged to assemble a new ‘Mech.
  •  Accelerated Combat. Playes can now speed up actions.
  • Cancel combat actions and selections with right-click.
  • Store and Salvage Quality of Life.
    • Store Link from MechLab.
    • Show Already Owned Item Quantity.
    • Reorganize Mechs in MechBay.
    •  Mech Stat Bar Tooltips.
  • Tutorial Skip Mode.
  • Several new events and improvements to event generation.
  • Ultrawide monitor support. 

Overall this is a bunch of great updates that adds more playability to the game and makes several things easier. For a list of the full patch notes go here. Make sure to check out the GameSpace review of Battletech.

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