Nexon is Up For Sale


You’ve all got mobile phones right? Well if you’re a fan of on the go gaming and have a spare $9 Billion to hand then you might be interested to know that Nexon Games is going up for sale.

After it was initially rumored, in the Korean Economic Newspaper this week, it appears the rumors might have some substance. In a statement, reported in the Korean Herald, Nexon’ssingle biggest stockholder has now confirmed that he is looking at “new challenges, without growing complacent”. For those of you who don’t stay up late enough to watch the eastern markets, Kim Jung-Ju is the man in question and the founder of Nexon, a gargantuan games publisher. After more than 20 years in the business, this company is one of the largest entities in modern gaming. Mainly known for it’s free to play online games and a glut of mobile titles, Nexon made revenue of well over 200 billion Yen in 2017 alone.

Nexon might seem like it doesn’t have much impact on your day to day but this behemoth has the MapleStory franchise, Dungeon & Fighter, and an utter plethora of other games under its umbrella. With a ton of popular titles, a huge income, and the growing uncertainty around the Chinese Markets ongoing growth, you might find that Nexon gobbled up by competitors like Tencent soon. In fact, there are few companies able to splash out the $9 billion required to take over Nexon. EA is another front-runner for the prize and has already been tipped to take on the Japanese company. Rumors suggest that Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley are engaged to manage the sale of this controlling share. What does the sale mean for Maple Story 2, after its recent launch and is EA a worse proposition than Tencent? Either way, it is not going to be cheap. Stocks have already jumped over the news so let the bidding war commence!

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