Next Up Hero – By Popular Demand, Co-Op on the Horizon

Next Up Hero

The Early Access action title Next Up Hero, by Digital Continue and published by Aspyr, is going through some exceptional changes brought on by requests from their passionate community. Today Digital Continue has released a teaser video of full-fledged co-op, which is in contrast to their, already multiplayer-light, Echo System.  From the onset of their early access release, Digital Continue and Aspyr have urged players to get involved on their discord channel not only to report bugs, but to give feedback on the evolving game.

In its current version, the only way to play directly with another player is to watch them while playing and, in the event they pick up an echo, which is a ghost of a previous player, you can hop in as that echo with greatly reduced abilities. Unfortunately, in this instance, the ghost player wouldn’t receive any rewards, nor would they be able to break away from the hosting character, leaving them as kind of a pet to the owner of the instance.

Digital Continue will change that, making multiplayer more accessible and fun for players from the get-go. It’s important to take note that the new co-op is in addition to the echo system, and isn’t replacing it, as you can see in the video an echo is still present. This also suggests that you could have up to one more player as an echo join you in addition to however many co-op players you already have.  How many co-op players will be allowed? Will we have a full team of 4 battling the Ceaseless Dirge? Either way, it is worth keeping an eye on Next Up Hero for future developments.

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